Permanent Recruitment

Hiring permanent employee is more important than just fulfilling the position, so better make sure you have the right talent on your team. We are here to address all your hiring requests and help you pick the perfect one.

We provide customized, high-quality, research-based professional recruitment. We enable our clients in hiring top talent and achieving a competitive edge in their business. We follow total quality assurance which gives a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process.

While recruitment is not just matching a resource qualification and experience with the job description, we pick and choose the best candidate who can be an integral part of your organization culture. By working with us, you can be assured of fulfilling all your business needs.

Highlights of our Permanent staffing

✔   Dedicated recruiter makes sure to understand your business needs better.
✔   Customized plan in place to identify the right candidate from the market.
✔   Comprehensive screening process to help you choose perfect candidate with less effort.
✔   Replacement of candidate within a guaranteed period.

5 simple steps

Understand your business

We will have a dedicated recruiter who will connect with you to understand your requirement, roles and responsibilities of the ideal candidate that you're looking for.

Recruitment plan

After gathering the details, we develop a custom-made plan and source relevant candidates from our large pool of job seekers, multiple job portals, strategic alliances and social networking sites.

Screening of candidates

After identifying profiles, we follow a customized interview process where we screen both hard & soft skills that are necessary for the role and share you profiles of the most suitable candidates.

Interview schedule

All you need to do is just share your availability with preferred time slots and we will take care of scheduling it and following up with the candidate.

Joining      follow-up

Once selected, we have a follow-up process where we coordinate with you and the candidate to ensure that the on boarding process goes smoothly.