Java Programming for Complete Beginners

Learn Java Programming with 200+ code examples. For Absolute Java Beginners! Start Learning Java Programming Now!

The course introduces Java as a programming language and covers all the fundamentals of Java, including all the advanced topics needed to become an expert Java Developer. The course is meticulously designed with adequate examples and visualisation to make a beginner understand quickly with clear concepts. This course will refine and enhance your Java skills to a level where you can make the most efficient use of advanced features of Java Technology.

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What you'll learn

Learn the core Java skills needed to apply for Java developer positions in just 14 hours.
Be able to demonstrate your understanding of Java to future employers.
Acquire essential java basics for transitioning to the Spring Framework, Java EE, Android development and more.
Learn industry "best practices" in Java software development from a professional Java developer who has worked in the language for 18 years.
Obtain proficiency in Java 8 and Java 11.
Be able to sit for and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam if you choose.


Core Java

Introduction to Java Basics:

* Understanding the basic structure of the programming languages and also to know the historical background along with basic feature of java.

Object Orientation:

* Understanding the basic outline of how a programming language achieve object orientation and also as to how object orientation helps to solve real world problems.


* Different datatypes that are available in Java and how to use them.


* Understanding different types of variables.

Arrays in Java:

* Understanding the concept of arrays along with the advantages and disadvantages with programming examples.

String in Java:

* Understanding different types of string along with the operations performed using string.

Methods in Java:

* Understanding different types of methods with programming examples.

Constructors in Java:

* Understanding the structure of a constructor along with different ways of representing the constructor with programming examples.

Pillars of Object Orientation:


Basic understanding on the Concept of polymorphism and how it is contributing for Object orientation.


Basic understanding on the Concept of encapsulation and how it is contributing for Object orientation.


Understanding in-depth about the concept of inheritance and how it will help in achieving object orientation.


Basic understanding on the Concept of abstraction and how it is contributing for Object orientation.


* Understanding the basic syntax of an interface and all the basic rules of Interface along with programming examples.

Exception Handling:

* What is an exception? Why does exception occur in java? What is the difference between exception and error?/p>

* Finding answers for all these question by understanding how to handle exceptions in java using multiple techniques.


* Understanding in-depth about threaded programming along with examples.


* In-depth knowledge about the hierarchy of Collection along with inbuilt methods in each Collections.

New Features of JDK 1.8:

* Understanding all the new major changes that is made from java 8.